Fitness for Firefighters
Fitness for Heroes
Workouts designed for firefighters, by a firefighter.
Newbreedfitness offers a creative exercise program with a wide variety of activities to help improve the performance and health of first responders.


Here is what some of my clients across NJ are saying about training with me:

“When Kyle told our firehouse that he wanted to do demos for it, couple of us decided to hire him. When we were finished, it felt like we came out of a fire. The work out was intense and useful for firefighters. The exercises we did were all related to the fire service. He used tools and objects from our apparatus and around the firehouse. Everyone should use Kyle, he knows what he is doing and talking about. He is an amazing instructor. ”
~ Jonathan Kelly

“When I started training with Kyle, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I work out on my own during the week and didn’t think this would be much difference until the first training session. Was more intense and challenging than the gym and fun. The exercises mimick situations you encounter at fire scenes which is a big difference from lifting weights at the gym. He also changes up the routines a little each session which not only presents a new challenge, but keeps the program interesting. Not only does Kyle set up the program, but he pushes you just when you think you can’t finish. He’s a great coach and because of him, I feel more confidence in myself with firefighting now.”
~ Ricky Ziccarello

“Giving this fitness program a try was one of my best decisions. I noticed an improvement in my strength, endurance, mobity, and confidence. I liked how he can train anyone on any level. He’s able to adjust the exercises if needed for certain individuals. I have a couple injuries which he is able to help work around so I can perform the exercises. He gives me that push to work harder and improve every time. He’s a great coach with great knowledge and would recommend anyone in the fire service to give Kyle and his program a chance.”
~ Shawn Johnston

“Training with Kyle was one of the smartest things I ever did.  He’s taught me a lot about exercise and maximizing my fitness by combining exercise with diet.  Kyle lives and breathes this stuff and is always coming up with new exercises to try out.  He makes it so much fun.  Seriously!  An hour long work out just flies by, and Kyle keeps me motivated so I get a much better workout than I would on my own.  The results are definitely apparent.  Over six months, I lost almost 30 lbs. and 5 inches off my waist.  I’ve even got a little bit of a six pack now.  I’m not kidding!  I really am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I could never have done that without Kyle.”
~ Jeff H., East Hanover, NJ

“If you’re looking for a great boost for your workout Kyle is definitely the trainer you are looking for. It really doesn’t matter what level you are working out at, Kyle will help create a program that suits exactly what you need. I went to him when my routine had grown stagnant and I wasn’t seeing any gains. He was able to help me throw on another 10 pounds of muscle, which definitely helped me on the basketball court. The flexible hours were great and made it easy to get a workout in even if my schedule was hectic. Additionally, he taught me invaluable weight training techniques that I use even when I work out on my own at college. Kyle is definitely the real deal and I would suggest him to any of my friends who are considering hiring a trainer.”
~ Sanjay Mohan

“I have been working with Kyle for about an month and a half, in that time he has helped me lose 20lbs and 5% of body fat.  Kyle makes the workouts hard but fun so you get a great workout and you want to continue.  Every week he has something new in store for me.  He has shown me how to do different workouts to tone and work different parts of my body, also how to use the different machines so I can workout on my own too.  He encourages me to eat healthy and live a more active lifestyle.   He is a huge reason I am now so addicted to the gym!!  I just want to say thanks Kyle for helping me change my life!!”
~ Jamie T.

“Training with Kyle is excellent – beyond my expectations!  He has all the basics a person looks for in a personal trainer:  professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge in fitness and nutrition.  He also has a great personality and sense of humor that make any workout entertaining.  But what impressed me the most was how quickly he understood my goals and my personal circumstances.  The workouts are perfect to get the results I want… and I have.  Most important, he gave me the confidence and the tools I need so that I am comfortable to workout on my own whether I’m at the gym for a half hour or two hours, or even working out at home.  With my schedule, I needed to figure out a variety of options so that I can maintain the results I’ve worked so hard for… thanks to Kyle, I know I can do it!”
~ Lori Enright

I started working with Kyle a little over a month ago and I feel great! I was once very timid about joining a gym and working with a trainer, however after a few sessions with Kyle, not only do I feel a lot better about myself, I am more energized and actually look forward to going to the gym.  Kyle is very motivating and creative in his training techniques.  While very motivating, he is very sensitive to my strengths and weaknesses and works with me to create the best workout.  Training with Kyle is hard work, he definitely makes me sweat, however at the same time I am having loads of fun and I feel so much better about myself!”
~ Jen Rollin :)

“Exercising is not my favorite way to spend time. Kyle makes it fun and exciting. He always comes up with new and innovative ways to keep it interesting. Between his sense of humor and motivational push, you want to work out!”
~ F.W. Parsippany, NJ

“When I first starting training with Kyle, I was very self-conscious about how I looked and very discouraged by how difficult it was for me to lose weight. I couldn’t understand why I was spending five days in the gym with no results. At our very first training session, Kyle explained how I had hit a wall with my workouts, and why doing the same routine over and over was the primary reason why I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. As we began training, I was impressed by his creative training style, and amazed at how he made each workout different so I never got bored. To this day, as I continue to train with Kyle, I am amazed that doing something that is so much fun can be so unbelievably effective. He motivates me to push myself harder, and I leave each workout feeling energized and confident. I am happier with my body than I have been in years, and I owe it all to Kyle. He has not only helped me to change my body, but has also taught me so much about how to keep achieving my fitness goals. Training with him has been one of the best decisions I ever made.”
~ Amy Spielman

“When I joined the fire department, I was 5’8 and a measly 115 lbs.  I turned to Kyle for help training and getting in shape to be a firefighter.  Kyle gave me the motivation and help I needed to train to be a better firefighter.  I still use Kyle’s techniques and exercises in my training.  I am now in the best shape of my life thanks to Kyle’s help!
~ B.

“Kyle has been my personal trainer for two years. I have a sedentary job and I found it difficult to stay motivated to exercise on my own. Now that I am working with Kyle, I look forward to training with him and it has become the highlight of my week. Since I began training with Kyle, I feel better both physically and mentally. Kyle is always to be able to figure out the appropriate exercises for each session, as my ability increases. I can definitely recognize that my general health and physical strength have improved as a result of working with Kyle. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”
~ Mike F., Livingston, NJ